I’m a solid believer in creating an environment that fosters the goals you want to reach. Whether this is keeping your sneakers by your bed to exercise more in the morning, or not buying your favorite junk food to eliminate the possibility of making a late night snack of an entire sleeve of Oreos.

One browser extension that I find inspirational is Momentum, which replaces the New Tab page in Chrome with a hi-res photo, a positive message, and a focusing element. Additional features include a ToDo list, weather summary, and link shortcuts (all customizable).

A simple, but effective, change to my browsing environment because what the screenshot below hides is the truth that I usually have 20+ tabs open.

Iceland anyone?

More about Momentum can be found at https://momentumdash.com/ and it can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

James J. Foster

Technologist, Traveler, Teacher

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